Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rosemary Laurey


This blog will be dedicated to Rosemary's Vampire series. Now I am only in book 4 of the 5 I have downloaded but I managed to all but inhail them this weekend past. I totally enjoyed them and would so very seriously own them.

***please excuse any errors or confusion as I don't want to snag Amazon's book blurbs***

Book one is - Kiss me forever - the gist is, Dixie LePage goes to England to see about some property she inherited from her strange great aunts. She does not have an easy time of it, her "lawyer" Sebastian wants whats in the house and intends to do anything necessary to get it. The only person who seems to be looking out for Dixie is Christopher who happens to be a vampire and THE Christopher Marlowe of Elizabethan fame. When Christopher is attacked by Sebastian Dixie comes to the rescue and he returns the favor when Sebastian throws Dixie off a cliff. The long and short of it is there is a happy ending and Dixie and Christopher live happily ever after.

Book two is - Love me forever - we meet up again with Dixie and Kit in America and Christopher's friend Justin (a 1500 year old vamp) is visiting. Justin is immediately attracked to a frequent customer Stella. After frightening turns of events Stella is shot and Justin turns her into a vampire for two reasons a) his love for her and b) her 9 yr old son Sam. After drama ionvolving the Vamp Colony and Stella's criminal mother's friends Justin and Stella end up happily ever after. We also meet two Ghouls found lost and confused by Vlad (yes THE Vlad) in Chicago...Angela and Jane.

Book three is - Be Mine Forever - We are now with Tom Kyd (another famous playwrite and friend of Kit we meet in book 1) and Angela...they have become a couple that though they love each other grate on each other because they both have two strong personalities...Angela is trying to find out who she is and Tom is trying to help...as the book turns (the audience already knows who and how Angela became a Ghoul) Angela is being tracked by a WICKEDLY nasty vamp named Laran who, yup as with all romances, gets it in the end...and Tom and Angela who is really Elizabeth.

Book four is - Keep me forever - Antonia another 1k+ year old vamp we've met before is going into business with Elizabeth (formerly Angela) in Dixie's old house. Strange things start happening and she meets Michael who is a shapeshifter and they fall in love. Stella and Sam come up to visit and help with the business and are car jacked by jewel theives...

Ok honestly I am petering out...I highly highly recommend this series. The sex aspect of it is there but VERY VERY tame. In 4 books the "F" word has been used I think twice etc. All in all very sweet and very good. Like I said I would seriously buy the series.

I'm not going to say this is the absolute best series ever or the best ever written but I am honestly going to say that the characters are endearing and you want to know what is going to happen next. Of the series I do not have a favorite and I look forward to getting around to reading book 5 :D

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