Friday, October 2, 2009

Hannah Murray - Tooth and Nailed

So what if there's a psychotic nut after her? Rowan Evans doesn't like the idea of being whisked away by her father's security chief for safekeeping. Jack Donnelly rubs her the wrong way, gets on her nerves, and the last thing she wants to do is spend two weeks under his protective custody even if he is tall, blond and delicious. Jack has spent a lifetime and then some keeping people safe. So when he learned his oldest friend's daughter was in danger, he knew there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to keep her out of harm's way, including kidnapping her. And if it gives him some time to get a little closer to a woman who's always gone out of her way to keep him at arm's length, so much the better. He knows she'll be mad, but he can handle it. Can't he? When a self-sufficient, independent woman butts heads with a stubborn Irishman, there are bound to be sparks. And that's before she finds out he's a vampire

Ok I FEKKING LOVED this book. There were parts in it that had me laughing so hard I had Captain Useless come in from the other room to see if I was ok. My only complaint with the book is the vernacular used to describe the female is classified as an erotica/romance for this reason but in all honsety I wasn't truly offended by said four letter it was not used as a derogitory term only another way to refer to a woman's "special place" I was able to roll with it. Really and truly this was a good bit of romance and Jack is just sooooo very cool!!!

Gotta love an Irish man!!! *PURRRR*

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