Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lover Enshrined

Phury, a sworn Brother who has also become the Primale, is wrestling with a destiny he doesn't want, an addiction he can't handle and an insurmountable feeling of inadequacy that bleeds over into his love for Cormia, his Chosen First Mate. He holes up at the Brotherhood's rural New York base. The Omega, bent on destroying the vampire race, is meanwhile growing ever stronger, and his long-held plan to destroy the Brothers, via the Lessening Society, is coming to fruition. Younger Brotherhood trainees John Matthew, Qhuinn and Blaylock are learning what it means to come of age and are immersed in their own drama with Qhuinn's malicious cousin, Lash. The stories all reach a shared climax, leading to explosive revelations that set up the next book beautifully. Focusing less on Phury and Cormia and more on the Omega's plot amps the tension on all sides. A subplot involving Rhevenge, John Matthew and the female symphath Xhex is particularly exciting, with Ward diving into varied subspecies, sexual predilections and questions of identity. Ward has outdone herself with this latest Brotherhood novel.
Ok of all the books on the brothers I had the hardest time with Phury. I love him, but I can't stand him in this book. The wizard, his addiction, his never ending self hatered and self distruction. He has legitimate issues and even though he is a great read, I find myself on my second and third reading skipping the story of he and Cormia and focusing solely on Rehvenge, Xhex, John Matthew, Quinn and Blay. Bonus tho, we meet Lassiter and Tohr comes back! And Dudes let me tell you Lassiter is just coooool!
Also with Rehvenge, we meet the Princess and she is one WACKED AS FU** BI***! and it all leads up to Rehv's book.
As much as I love the brotherhood and all the brother's/males/females in these books I find I tolerate Phury less...and I blame myself because I am at a point in life where no matter who the character is I can't stand a whiner....so sadly Phury has joined the ranks of Luke Skywalker in that regard...lovable but annoying as FU**! :D

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