Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lover Unbound

New York Times best-selling author J. R. Ward has blown away fans with layered, titillating tales of sexy vampires and supernatural intrigue. Here, the son of a Bloodletter falls into the care—and possibly the arms—of a mortal surgeon.
"The series [has] earned Ward an Anne Rice -style following, deservedly so."—Publishers Weekly
Publishers Weekly
The newest in Ward's ferociously popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series bears all the marks of a polished storyteller completely at home in her world. Vishous, son of the Bloodletter, is a cunning, stone-hearted vampire warrior devoted to killing the wicked, undead vampire slayers known as the Lessers; after an ill-fated visit to a hospital, Vishous falls instantly and unexpectedly in love with a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb. Soon, Vishous has brought the unwitting human back to the Brotherhood lair, where she returns his feelings, opening up a potentially cataclysmic conflict-Vishous is, against his will, destined to become the Primale, a warrior with multiple vampire wives who's meant to ensure the survival of the species. Ward has by now become an expert at fleshing out the stories of her supporting characters-each with his or her own novel-without overpowering the central story, and while the romance between Vishous and Whitcomb is genre-typical, Ward isn't afraid to break with convention in challenging, gratifying ways. Though not recommended for newcomers to Ward's universe or romance traditionalists, this fix will give Brotherhood addicts a powerful rush.

Ok - as said before Vishous is a fav. He is an utter bastard and I think that is why I love him. He has a tough exterior but with those (two) he really lets in, he cares for deeply. I am at a loss to explain why I love Vishous but I do, have since we met him. Love his relationship with Butch, love his relationship with Jane (hell Jane is one of my fav female characters bec she is tough too). Love his habit of ending statments with "true?"

Also good thing about this book is it starts you into Phury's head more than in Lover Revealed and you get to meet Cormia of the chosen. You see the relationship between V and his mother and the best part is you get to see John and Xhex meet and start their trip towards each other.

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