Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kiss and Tell - Sandy Lynn

Boxers or briefs? Willow is having a bad day. To get her sister to stop harrassing her, she agrees to play a silly game-but only once. When a muscular hunk walks past her, Willow's mouth waters and she knows she's found the perfect man to ask the embarrassing question. Seth is shocked when a beautiful woman sits on his lap. He's amused when she begins asking him questions. But he's aroused when she kisses him. Taking her back home, he sinks his teeth into her-and is addicted. Imagine his suprise when he finds out she holds his life in the palm of her hands. What's a vampire to do when the woman he needs for his survival runs screaming from him?
Ok so I am not going to lie and say that this is my favorite naughty vamp book ever but I will say that it is definately one to reread and possibly buy (as read downloaded copy). The characters were good and the story was sweet and some scenes were just naughty! I am sooo never going to look at a movie theater the same way again! *mmmmmm*
As said the story was good and the drama was the good sort, emotional etc and not "omg she's/he's in danger from a rouge vamp" etc...the danger is his need for his bloodmate and her coming to grips with the idea that she's it.
Definately a good quick read!

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