Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Books I didn't like and bummed I bought them

I am not even going to waste the time to upload the book covers for this as they were a waste of time to read.

1. Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian - RIP OFF
Gist of the book is this - there are Breed hunters who are vamps who are able to control their thirst for blood and hunt the rogue vamps who have tripped the line into addiction. I am not going to go on about the background of the story or the characters because in essentials this was a rip on the Black dagger brotherhood by J.R. Ward. Lucan = Wrath - The reluctant leader who fights his feelings for his "mate."
Gideon = Vishous - tech geek
Tegan = Zsadist - the troubled one...etc you get the idea. The plot lagged a bit and I honest to GOD could not help but see the correlation between this series and the BDB series...and as I am a HUGE fan of the BDB series I won't be reading the rest of the Midnight Breen series because why settle when you've had the best.

2. The Dark Prince - Christine Feehan - Boring
Gist is "vamps" but not true vampires residing in the Carpathian mountains - the prince of the Carpathian's finds his true mate and they have to work through random trials and murders to have a successful relationship....christ this was one of the most boring books I've read in a long time. I gave up half way through because it was literally putting me to sleep. I couldn't get into it, I didn't give a shit about the characters, and I am not bummed I haven't finished the book yet.

Ok, done...see I can blog about books I didn't like and not just the ones I like and would recommend.

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